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Brain Tumours

Brain Tumours - How to prevent?

Brain Tumours - Preparing for surgery

Brain Tumours - Post-surgery care

Brain Tumours - Other Information

Rehabilitation and Support for Brain Tumour
Recovery depends on the brain’s ability to heal from damage caused by the tumour. Therapists such as physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist to support rehabilitation. If there is persistent disability, the patient may be sent to a community hospital for further neuro-rehabilitation.

During rehabilitation, the patient and family should maintain a positive attitude, set realistic goals and work steadily to accomplish each goal.

Brain Tumour Society Singapore
The Brain Tumour Society Singapore (BTSS) is a community of brain tumour patients, caregivers and survivors. The BTSS provides community support and resources such as befrienders, financial assistance and public education. Started by brain cancer survivors, BTSS meets once a month so that members can share experiences and advice on how to cope with the disease.

Download the Brain Tumours brochure.

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