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Brain Tumours

Brain Tumours - How to prevent?

Brain Tumours - Causes and Risk Factors


Causes of Brain Tumours

A few genetically inherited diseases have been identified that can increase the risk of the development of brain tumours. For example, in the inherited condition known as Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome, children, siblings and relatives can develop tumours in the cerebellum and other parts of the body such as malignant kidney tumours. Research has shown identifiable genetic abnormalities in some brain tumours. Some tumours are also known to have an increased incidence in certain families. However, in the vast majority of cases, the cause of brain tumours is unknown. There is at present, no clear evidence that injury, chemical exposure, viral infection, mobile phone use, environmental factors or mental stress can cause the growth of brain tumours.

Risk Factors

Risk of Developing Brain Tumours

Brain tumours may occur at any age, but the tumours that occur in childhood are generally different from those diagnosed in adults.

Brain Tumours - Preparing for surgery

Brain Tumours - Post-surgery care

Brain Tumours - Other Information

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