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Brain Tumours

Brain Tumours - How to prevent?

Brain Tumours - Diagnosis


How are Brain Tumours Diagnosed?

A detailed clinical assessment including history of the symptoms and a physical examination, including a comprehensive neurological examination, is necessary. Specialised imaging tests such as Computed Tomography (CT scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) will usually be performed. Occasionally, special tests like cerebral angiogram (X-rays of the blood vessels of the brain), functional MRI scans and MRI tractography may be required.

These tests will reveal the tumour’s size, location and also proximity to critical structures such as the speech or motor areas of the brain. The information will provide the neurosurgeon with a tentative diagnosis of the type of tumour and to aid him to plan the surgical approach for its removal.

Brain Tumours - Preparing for surgery

Brain Tumours - Post-surgery care

Brain Tumours - Other Information

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