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Vildagliptin + Metformin Hydrochloride Galvus Met Adult

Vildagliptin/Metformin - Side Effects, Precautions, and Contraindications

What side effects can Vildagliptin/Metformin cause?

You may experience stomach discomfort like diarrhea, gas, bloating, vomiting, joint ache, headache or have a metallic taste in your mouth.

These side effects may happen but should get better over time. Check with your doctor if any of these side effects are serious or do not go away.

Pancreatitis is a rare but serious side effect of vildagliptin. You should stop taking this medication and check with your doctor immediately if you experience:

  • Severe pain in the stomach, abdomen or back area
  • Nausea or vomiting that does not go away

Lactic acidosis (a buildup of lactic acid in the body) is a very rare but serious medical problem linked to metformin. The chance of this happening increases if your kidneys are not working properly.

Symptoms of lactic acidosis include

  • decreased appetite
  • vomiting and stomach pains that continues for some time
  • a general feeling of  being unwell accompanied with feeling cold or excessive tiredness
  • fast, shallow breathing. 

If any of these happens, stop taking your medication and see a doctor immediately as you will need treatment straight away.

Before taking Vildagliptin/Metformin, what precautions must I follow?

​Inform your doctor if

  • you are allergic to this medication or any of the other ingredients of this medication
  • you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding
  • you have or had any disease of the pancreas (such as pancreatitis, which is a condition where the pancreas is inflamed)
  • you have gallstones, drink alcohol often or have very high levels of triglycerides (a type of cholesterol) in your blood. These medical conditions can increase your chance of getting pancreatitis.
  • you have had diabetic ketoacidosis where there is a build-up of acid in the blood because the body is breaking down fat instead of sugar before
  • you have any kidney or liver problems
  • you are going for a scan/X-ray. You may need to stop taking metformin for a couple of days.

If you need to do fasting blood tests, do not take your medication until your blood has been taken and you have eaten.

What food or medicine must I avoid when I take Vildagliptin/Metformin?

​Avoid taking alcohol with this medication.

Vildagliptin/Metformin - Additional Information

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  • Updated on Monday, June 3, 2019
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