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Marfan Syndrome

Marfan Syndrome - How to prevent?

Marfan Syndrome - Preparing for surgery

Marfan Syndrome - Post-surgery care

Marfan Syndrome - Other Information

How likely will I have a child with MFS if I have MFS?

If a parent has MFS, the risk of having a child inherit the gene that causes MFS is 50% in every pregnancy.

How likely will I have another child with MFS if neither my spouse nor I have it?

In about 25% of cases, MFS is the result of a spontaneous change (mutation) in the genetic material of the sperm or egg at conception in families with no previous history of the disease.

In such cases, the risk of having another child with MFS is low (< 1%).

MFS is a lifelong condition. Should you require financial assistance or emotional support, please approach your doctor for referral to a medical social worker.

Support Groups

Club Rainbow Singapore
Club Rainbow Singapore supports and empowers children with chronic illnesses and their families by providing relevant compassionate services in their journey.
Tel: 6377 1789

The Marfan Foundation

Download the Marfan Syndrome brochure.

Marfan Syndrome Brochure

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