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Inherited Retinal Diseases

Inherited Retinal Diseases - How to prevent?

Inherited Retinal Diseases - Preparing for surgery

Inherited Retinal Diseases - Post-surgery care

Inherited Retinal Diseases - Other Information

Why do I need genetic testing?

Up until recently, genetic testing for IRDs was done mainly to determine inheritance patterns, and for genetic counselling and research purposes. More recently, however, genetic testing has become much more important.

An accurate genetic diagnosis will enable your retinal specialist to determine if you or other members of your family are eligible for treatment with gene-based therapies that can slow the progression of the IRDs and reduce vision loss.

These therapies may be offered as a normal clinical service, or as part of a clinical research trial.

​Support Groups / Resources

iC2 PrepHouse
iC2 PrepHouse supports and empowers children with RP and other visual impairments by helping children with low vision stay in mainstream schools, and teaching them coping skills in everyday living.
Tel: 6790 1802

Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH)
Tel: 6251 4331 / 6252 9116

Enabling Village
Tel: 1800 8585 885

Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS)
Tel: 6339 7900


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