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Facial Pain - What it is

Facial Pain condition treatment

What is Facial Pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia)?

Facial pain (Trigeminal neuralgia) is characterised by brief episodes of intense, stabbing, electric shock-like pain on the face. These episodes occur spontaneously or can be triggered by light touch, chewing, or changes in temperature (i.e. cold). The pain is so intense as to be completely disabling. In addition, weight loss is common because oral triggers prevent affected individuals from eating enough to maintain adequate nutrition. A less common form of the disorder, called “atypical trigeminal neuralgia”, may cause less intense, constant, dull burning or aching pain, sometimes with occasional electric shock-like stabs.

Facial Pain - Symptoms

Facial Pain - How to prevent?

Facial Pain - Diagnosis

Facial Pain - Preparing for surgery

Facial Pain - Post-surgery care

Facial Pain - Other Information

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