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Clavical Bone Fracture - How to prevent?

Clavical Bone Fracture - Preparing for surgery

When will be the first follow-up appointment after the baby’s discharge?

Your baby will be reviewed in the outpatient clinic one month after discharge and X-rays of the affected collar bone may be performed. It is very likely that your infant will be discharged after that if there are no outstanding problems.

What are the long term effects of this fracture when the infant grows up?

There are no long term side effects of clavicle fractures in a new born.

Precautions to be taken when handling an infant with clavicle fracture:

  • The baby should be handled gently.
  • Swaddle the infant with the help of a baby blanket while positioning the elbow at a 90°flexion.
  • Movement on the affected side should be minimised while showering the infant.
  • Wear loose clothes that are easier to remove.
  • While dressing the infant, the affected arm’s sleeve should be worn first, followed by the non-injured arm.
  • When undressing, the affected arm’s sleeve should be the last one to be removed.
  • Lay the infant on his/her back when sleeping.


Clavical Bone Fracture - Other Information

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