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Our Vision and Mission

​Our Vision

We shape neuroscience care for a better tomorrow.

​Our Mission

A trusted neuroscience provider, improving lives through integrated clinical care, driving innovation and empowering knowledge.

1. Integrated Clinical Care

  • We work in multidisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals across NNI, hospital specialties and primary care.
  • We engage community partners to provide care and support for our patients and their caregivers.
  • We value a relationship of trust with our patients, caregivers, partners and community.

2. Driving Innovation

  • We drive clinical excellence through new treatments and discoveries.
  • We work with local and global healthcare organisations, research institutes and industry partners to advance research.
  • We seek new ways to do our work, improve care and patient experience.

3. Empowering Knowledge

  • We learn from each other, patients, caregivers and across disciplines.
  • We foster active learning and sharing to build our knowledge.
  • We teach the next generation of neuroscience leaders.
​Our Core Values

Our core values form the heart of our organisational culture, and serve as a guiding light and driving purpose as we move forward in the pursuit of Academic Medicine as one NNI, one SingHealth.

  • Compassion – We treat everyone the way we want to be treated - with kindness, respect and dignity.
  • Integrity – We adhere to the highest standard of professional conduct and ethical behaviour.
  • Collaboration – We deal with diversity with an open-mind and value the contributions of all who are working together to achieve our common goals.
  • Innovation – We believe in the continual process of transforming ideas into solutions that will improve the lives of our patients.
  • Teamwork – As Team NNI, we believe that together we can achieve more to advance our mission.