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Medical Director's Message

The NNI, Singapore’s national centre of neuroscience excellence, is one of only a handful of standalone integrated neuroscience institutes in the world. This integrated model is increasingly being recognised as the benchmark for neuroscience care which is emulated around the world. 

Singapore is faced with a rapidly ageing population in the coming decades. This demographic change will bring significant challenges as neurological diseases will become a leading cause of death and disability.

We believe that the NNI is well positioned to meet the challenges ahead. We bring interdisciplinary and collaborative neuroscience care involving dedicated neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neuroscience nurses and related neuroscience health professionals. Our medical services are complemented with advanced medical technology to bring world class care to our patients.  

We are an Academic Medical Centre committed to lead and innovate in neuroscience, improving lives through integrated clinical service, research and education. We believe that patients direct science and science directs medicine. Research at the NNI begins with the patient. We leverage on our strengths in clinical neuroscience care and research to develop research programmes that can potentially lead to discoveries that improve lives.

Education at NNI is a transformative experience. With a strong teaching culture led by key leaders in neuroscience education, NNI is responsible for training the majority of Singapore’s neuroscience specialists of tomorrow.

Most importantly, we exist to serve and care for our patients. They are at the heart of all we do and we strive to deliver consistent, seamless, compassionate and integrated care for all our patients with quality outcomes.

Join us in our journey as we shape neuroscience care for a better tomorrow.

A/Prof Ng Wai Hoe 
Medical Director