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Directions to Neuroradiology

Need help finding your way to Neuroradiology (CT / MRI scans) at NNI@TTSH Campus?

Click on the map for directions.​

Note: NNI Entrance at Irrawaddy Road is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

For car/taxi drop-off, use the TTSH Ward Block Entrance at Jalan Tan Tock Seng.

• From TTSH Ward Block Entrance (Mobile)
• From TTSH Ward Block Entrance (Printable PDF)

• From TTSH Medical Block/Pharmacy Entrance (Mobile)
• From TTSH Medical Block/Pharmacy Entrance (Printable PDF)

• From Link Bridge (via Square2) (Mobile)
• From Link Bridge (via Square2) (Printable PDF)

​• From Lift Lobby B (via Carpark) (Mobile)
• From Lift Lobby B (via Carpark) (Printable PDF)

​• From Lift Lobby C (via Carpark) (Mobile)
• From Lift Lobby C (via Carpark) (Printable PDF)