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Video & Phone Consultation

It can be challenging for people living with brain, nerve and muscle conditions to attend face-to-face appointments at our Neuroscience Clinic, due to difficulties with mobility.

Patients from the Neuroscience Clinic at NNI@TTSH can continue to receive care while at home via video and phone consultation with their care team.


What is Video Consultation (VC)? 

This is an online consultation service offered to patients on active follow-up at NNI@TTSH. Patients and their caregiver may be able to receive medical advice from their healthcare provider (doctor, nurse, psychologist etc.) while staying home.

Consultations are held via Zoom, a video conferencing app via an internet-enabled mobile, tablet or computer. Medications, if any, will be delivered to your preferred address.

Benefits of Video Consultation

Of the patients and caregivers surveyed,

  • 70% saved more than an hour on travelling time
  • 60% did not have to take time off from work for their medical appointment
  • 59% saved more than $20 on transportation costs
  • 88% felt that the care received was similar to a face-to-face consultation.

Download a step-by-step user guide on how to use Zoom.


What is Phone Consultation (PC)?

Similar to a video consultation, eligible patients at the Neuroscience Clinics, NNI@TTSH may choose to receive medical advice from their healthcare provider via a phone call.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Am I eligible for video / phone consultation?

You could be eligible if you are:

  • An existing patient with stable condition and on active follow-up with healthcare providers at NNI@TTSH
  • On a stable routine of medications with no change in medication dosage at the last clinic visit
  • You (or your caregiver) is able to share your medical history, follow the instructions for an on-screen physical examination and take part in medical counselling successfully over video and/or phone consultation

Video / phone consultation is not suitable for:

  • New referrals (i.e. you have never been seen by attending doctor in a face-to-face consultation previously)
  • You have an unstable medical condition that requires an in-person evaluation and consultation

Your attending doctor will assess your suitability.

2. How do I sign-up for a video / phone consultation?

  • Speak to your attending doctor or nurse during your next visit
  • Contact the Neuroscience Clinics at 6330 6363
  • Email
  • Fill in the form

Operating Hours

Mon - Wed, Fri: 8.00am to 5.30pm

Thu: 8.00am to 5.00pm

Closed on Sat, Sun, and Public Holidays


3. How much does a video / phone consultation cost?

Video consultation:
The fees remain the same as your current clinic consultation. Click here for consultation charges.

Phone consultation:
The charge for phone consultation is 25% less than your usual consultation fee.


4. How do I collect my medications?

Medications, if any, will be delivered to you at a fee.

Medication Delivery Charges*


​Normal Delivery
(~2 weeks wait time)

​$4.32 (w/GST)
Urgent Delivery
(<2 weeks wait time)
$9.72 (w/GST)
Re-Delivery or Change in Delivery Date
(made within 5 working days of confirmed delivery date)
Additional $9.72 (w/GST)

  *Effective 24 Apr 2023, Mon


5. When is my video / phone consultation appointment?

Your appointment details will be sent to you via SMS and/or email. Ensure that you are available for the appointment.


6. How should I prepare for my video / phone consultation?

Video consultation:
You will need an internet-enabled mobile, tablet or computer, and a stable internet connection.

Phone consultation:
Use the same mobile you have provided to the Neuroscience Clinic.

Ensure that you are in a quiet environment.


7. What if I face technical issues on the day of my appointment?

Our staff will call you to help with the technical issue. You can also contact our staff at 6330 6363 for advice. If required, a face-to-face appointment will be arranged.


8. What if I am not available or missed the appointment?

Contact 6330 6363 or email to change or cancel your appointment.


9. What if I am unwell, have been hospitalised or visited the Emergency Department recently?

Contact 6330 6363 or for advice. If you are unwell or for emergencies, seek medical help.

Operating Hours

Mon - Wed, Fri: 8.00am to 5.30pm

Thu: 8.00am to 5.00pm

Closed on Sat, Sun, and Public Holidays


10. Are the video / phone consultation sessions recorded?

To protect the privacy of our patients and caregivers, video / phone consultation sessions are not recorded. Your medical record with the Neuroscience Clinic will be updated following the video / phone consultation.