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NNI-Community Health Programme

Attending medical appointments at specialist outpatient clinics can be challenging for people living with brain and nerve conditions, due to difficulties moving around, finding their way or needing to rely on caregivers to bring them.

To support our patients better and help them to cope with such problems, the Neuroscience Network Integration in Community Health (NNI-Community Health) Programme is being piloted at the NNI@TTSH.

NNI-Community Health Programme

The NNI-Community Health programme facilitates care in the community by ensuring that our patients continue to receive the help they need from the comfort of their own homes, thereby reducing caregiver burden.

Under the programme, community care providers and nurses at the Home Nursing Foundation,
TOUCH Community Services, Tsao Foundation, Changi General Hospital and Singapore General Hospital are trained by NNI specialists to assess and coordinate care for patients in the community.

Our community care partners are empowered to make home visits* to check on the patient’s condition and provide caregiver training and education. For example, caregivers may be taught to identify and prevent disease complications, and manage symptoms. Where necessary, NNI nurses will conduct joint home visits either physically or via Zoom to discuss care plans.

*Only some physical appointments at the NNI@TTSH will be replaced by home visits. Patients are to continue seeing their doctors at the clinics when needed.

Who can take part?

People who:

  • Are diagnosed with neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis and neuromuscular diseases
  • Are on active follow-up with a doctor at the NNI@TTSH
  • Have difficulty coming for clinic appointments
  • Have limited social support

The NNI-Community Health programme is not suitable for:

  • People who develop acute medical symptoms e.g. chest pain, severe shortness of breath, active bleeding
  • Patients who are on the Hospital to Home Programme and on active follow-up.

If you or your next-of-kin is interested in joining the programme, speak to your attending doctor or nurse during your visit.

For more information:

Contact: 9784 2810
Operating Hours:
Monday to Wednesday, Friday: 8.00am to 5.30pm
Thursday: 8.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays: Closed

If you are a community care provider and would like to be part of the NNI-Community Health Programme to provide neuroscience care in the community, email or to find out more.