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Do good and get lucky as we look forward to the festive year-end holidays! Just donate $4 or more (non-tax deductible) and you stand a chance to win a hamper from 180 attractive hampers each worth $80 and more!

From 4 October till 26 November 6pm, click here for more details to participate in the hamper draw.

The Hope-Filled Art of Martin See Tho

The late Martin See Tho was wheelchair-bound in 2001 due to Machado Joseph Disease, an incurable degenerative disorder that robbed him of his career, ability to stand, balance, speak and eat. Despite it all, Martin learnt digital painting in 2005 and won his recognition as a Singapore Signature Digital Artist when he had his first solo art exhibition in 2007.

At the heart of Martin's dynamic, bold and inspiring digital art pieces lay the notions of love and compassion - the unwavering pillars of strength that rejuvenated and anchored his purpose of existence despite the storms in his life.

From 1 November till 30 November 5pm, click here  to find out more about "The Hope-Filled Art of Martin See Tho" fundraising campaign via an online silent art auction and proceeds from art book.

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