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Dr Thomas Welton

Dr Thomas Welton

PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Junior Principal Investigator

Research (National Neuroscience Institute)

National Neuroscience Institute

Research Interest:
  • Magnetic resonance imaging acquisition and analysis
  • Brain connectomics and microstructure
  • Movement disorders, especially Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor
  • Integration of neuroimaging with blood-based and genetic biomarkers
  • Machine learning

Research Appointments

  • Junior Principal Investigator Research (National Neuroscience Institute) National Neuroscience Institute Research (National Neuroscience Institute)


​Dr Welton is a Junior Principal Investigator (PI) at NNI and Assistant Professor at Duke-NUS. Dr Welton’s research focuses on MRI neuroimaging analysis, with particular focus on measuring brain connectomics and microstructure using diffusion imaging and functional MRI. At NNI, Dr Welton is applying analysis techniques using machine learning to clinical research questions in movement disorders, especially Parkinson's and essential tremor, and integrating this with blood-based and genetic biomarkers.

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • ISMRM Publications Committee
  • ISMRM Trainee Advisory Group
  • ISMRM Ad-hoc Committee on Historical Abstracts
  • Movement Disorders Society, Junior Member
  • Organisation for Human Brain Mapping, Member
  • ISMRM, Junior Fellow
  • British Computer Society, Professional Member (MBCS), Chartered IT Professional (CITP), Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • Ad-hoc peer reviewer for 15+ journals in medical imaging and medical science


  • PhD, Radiological Science
  • MSc, Translational Neuroimaging
  • BSc (Hons), Computer Science


  • ​National Neuroscience Institute, Gold Award, Best Junior Researcher, 2022
  • Movement Disorders Society, AOPMC Junior Award, 2021
  • ISMRM, Junior Fellowship, 2021
  • ISMRM, Magna Cum Laude Merit Award, 2021
  • National Neuroscience Institute, Gold Award, Best Junior Researcher, 2021
  • Motor Neurone Disease Victoria, 23rd Nina Buscombe Award, 2018
  • UK Guarantors of Brain Award, 2016
  • ISMRM, Magna Cum Laude Merit Award, 2015
  • University of Nottingham, Graduate School Prize, 2014
  • UK Guarantors of Brain Award, 2014
  • UK MS Society, PhD Studentship Award, 2014
  • Nottingham Trent University, Best Computer Science Dissertation, 2012

Research Studies

  • National Medical Research Council, Open Fund - Young Individual Research Grant (Principal Investigator). “Neural mechanisms of genetic risk for essential tremor: a multi-cohort, multi-modal, imaging-genetics study”. $SGD 300,000
  • SingHealth/Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre, Academic Medicine Grants (Principal Investigator). “Using AI to detect Parkinson’s disease based on brain MRI connectomics”. $SGD 80,000


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  • Welton T, Chan L, Carr J, Cardoso F, Deutchl G, Jankovic J & Tan EK, 2021. Essential Tremor. Nature Reviews Disease Primers 7:83. IF: 52.0.
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  • Shih Y-C, Ooi QRL, Hartono S, Ann CN, Welton T, Lim SL, Tan EK & Chan LL, 2020. Twelve-Year Microstructural Changes in The Deep Gray Nuclei in Parkinson’s Disease: A Serial Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study.
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  • Meng D, Welton T, Elsarraj A, Morgan PS, das Nair R, Constantinescu CS, Evangelou N, Auer DP & Dineen RA, 2020. Dorsolateral prefrontal circuit effective connectivity mediates the relationship between white matter structure and PASAT-3 performance in multiple sclerosis. Human Brain Mapping 1-15. IF: 4.6.
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  • Hellewell SC, Beaton CS, Welton T & Grieve SM, 2019. Characterizing the Risk of Depression Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Meta-Analysis of the Literature Comparing Chronic mTBI to Non-mTBI Populations. Frontiers in Neurology 11:350. IF: 3.6.
  • Shen K, Welton T, Lyon M, Burnham S, Fripp J, Martins R & Grieve SM, 2019. Structural core of the executive control network: a high angular resolution diffusion MRI study. Human Brain Mapping 41(5): 1226-1236. IF: 4.6.
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