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Dr Tan You Jiang

Dr Tan You Jiang

MBBS, MRCP (London), MMed (Int Med), FAMS (Neurology)


National Neuroscience Institute

Specialty: Neurology, Neurology

Clinical Interest: General Neurology, Epilepsy, Sleep Neurology

Conditions Treated by this Doctor:

Clinical Appointments

  • Consultant SingHealth Duke-NUS Sleep Centre
  • Consultant Department of Neurology National Neuroscience InstituteNational Neuroscience Institute
  • Consultant Neuroscience Sengkang General HospitalSengkang General Hospital


Dr Tan is a consultant neurologist who specialises in patients with epilepsy. A keen educator, he holds multiple teaching positions and won multiple awards for his educational efforts. He is currently pursuing a MSc in Sleep Medicine with the University of Oxford.


Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Consultant, Department of Neurology, NNI (SGH, SKH)
  • Assistant Professor (Clinical), Duke-NUS Medical School
  • Associate Programme Director, SingHealth Neurology Senior Residency Programme
  • Core Faculty, SingHealth Internal Medicine Residency Programme
  • Course Director, SPARC* Neurology PACES Course
  • Clinical Lecturer/Tutor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS) and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (NTU)
  • Fellow, Academy of Medicine 
  • Lead, SGH Neurology Work Group (Education)
  • Site Director, NHG Psychiatry Residency 
  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer, St. John Singapore


  • Quality Service Award, Gold, NNI, 2023
  • Quality Service Award, Silver, NNI, 2023
  • Member, The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, 2024
  • Dean’s Special Recognition Award, NUS 2022
  • Outstanding Mentor Award, Singapore Medical Association 2022
  • Medicine ACP Senior Educator Award, 2021
  • RiSE Outstanding Faculty Award, 2021
  • Outstanding Tutor Award, MedSoc 2019
  • Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence, NUS 2018
  • Dean’s Special Recognition Award, NUS 2018
  • RiSE Inspiring Resident Educator Award 2018
  • Service with A Heart Award, 2018
  • Dean’s Special Recognition Award, NUS 2016
  • Service with A Heart Award, 2016

Research Interests


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Research Trials

​Actigraphic evaluation of sleep disorders in patients with Primary Hyperthyroidism (SKH Research Grant)