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Prof Lim Shih Hui

Prof Lim Shih Hui

MBBS, M Med (Int Med), MRCP (UK), FAMS (Neurology), FRCP (Edin)​​​, FRCP, FRACP(Hon), FACP(Hon), MBA

Senior Consultant

National Neuroscience Institute

Specialty: Neurology

Clinical Interest: Epilepsy, General Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology

Conditions Treated by this Doctor:

Clinical Appointments

  • Senior Consultant Department of Neurology National Neuroscience InstituteNational Neuroscience Institute
  • Senior Consultant Neurology Singapore General HospitalSingapore General Hospital


Professor Lim has contributed significantly in the field of neurology, epilepsy, education and medical professional organizations, in Singapore and the region.  He has organized numerous neurology, epilepsy and EEG teaching courses and workshops in Asia, including the International Epilepsy Congress and Asian Oceanian Epilepsy Congress.  He initiated an EEG Certification Examination in Asia in 2005, elevating the standard of EEG recording, interpretation and reporting in our region.  As Founding President of the College of Physicians Singapore (2004-2007). He created and grew 15 Internal Medicine-related specialty Chapters, contributing to the professional development of Internal Medicine in Singapore and the region.  As Master of Academy of Medicine, Singapore (2012 to 2016) developed Academy professionally and academically into a cohesive specialists’ organization with 13 Colleges representing all medical and dental specialties in Singapore.  He also initiated collaborations with MOH of Brunei Darussalam and Maastricht University, built financial capabilities and conferred academy’s fellowship to specially trained family medicine physicians in Singapore.  As the Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Specialist Training of the Specialist Accreditation Board of the MOH Singapore, he oversaw the training, assessment, and accreditation of training programmes of 35 medical specialties and 6 subspecialties.  He is one of the few Western doctors who received training in Acupuncture and now contributing in the governance and professional development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore.

He served as Group Director for Education at Singapore Health Services (2015-2017), overseeing the medical, dental, nursing, and allied health’s under-graduate and postgraduate health profession education.  He integrated more than 20 independent educational entities within SingHealth and transformed them into a comprehensive Educational Enterprise – SingHealth Academy with 5 Health Profession Colleges (College of Allied Health, College of Clinical Dentistry, College of Clinical Medicine, College of Clinical Nursing, and College of Healthcare Administration and Leadership) and 1 simulation institute (SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulation). These Colleges are now providing better coordinated education pathway across the continuum – from undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate to continuing professional education.  This integration has created more synergy within each profession as well as increased opportunities to foster closer collaboration across various institutions, further enhancing inter-professional education which is vital for inter-professional collaborative practice.


Master of Business Administration, National University of Singapore, 2001-2002

Acupuncture, Singapore Acupuncture Association, 1997-1999

Clinical Fellowship in Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 1989-1991

Advance Specialist Training in Neurology, Singapore General Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 1987-1989

Basic Specialist Training in Internal Medicine, Ministry of Health, Singapore, 1985-1987

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, National University of Singapore, 1977-1982

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Senior Consultant, Department of Neurology, National Neuroscience Institute (NNI@SGH)
  • Chairman, JCST Accreditation Committee, Ministry of Health (2016 – date)
  • Member, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Board, Ministry of Health (2016 – date)
  • Chairman, ASEPA-ASNA EEG Certification Examination Board (2004 – date)
  • Dean, Academy of Medicine, Singapore Deanery (2016—date)
  • Group Director, Education, SingHealth (2015-2017)
  • Master, Academy of Medicine, Singapore (2012-2016)
  • Co-Chairman, Joint Committee on Specialist Training, Specialist Accreditation Board, Ministry of Health (2012-2016)
  • Chairman, Asian Epilepsy Academy (2011-2015)
  • Chairman, Commission on Asian Oceanian Affairs, International League Against Epilepsy (2005-2009)
  • President, College of Physicians, Singapore (2004-2007)
  • President, ASEAN Neurological Association (2003-2007)
  • Chairman, Chapter of Physicians, Academy of Medicine, Singapore (2002-2004)
  • Vice-Chair, Acupuncture Research Committee, Ministry of Health (1996-2001)
  • Chairman, ASEAN Neurological Association (1995-1997)
  • President, Clinical Neuroscience Society (1995-1997)
  • Professor and Senior Associate Dean, Office of Academic and Clinical Development, Duke-NUS Medical School
  • Adjunct Professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, NTU


  • National Medical Excellence Award: National Outstanding Clinician Educator Award, 2015
  • Singapore Health Service Excellence Award: Distinguish Educator Award, 2011
  • International League Against Epilepsy - Ambassador for Epilepsy, 2007

Research Interests


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