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Temasek Foundation-NNI Stroke Memory Rehabilitation (SMaRT) Programme

Who can take part?

To take part you should be:

  • Aged 18 – 80 years
  • Had an ischaemic stroke (blood clot in the brain) within the last 12 months
  • Able to walk independently with/without walking aid (e.g. walking stick/frame)

The SMaRT Programme is not suitable for people who already have dementia or have unstable psychiatric conditions.

We now have more than 200 SMaRT graduates!

"The strategies I learnt have really helped me, such as when I’m driving or trying to remember the words to new songs. I feel much happier and more confident after going through SMaRT."
- Mr S

"He was very moody after his stroke and didn’t want to do anything. After doing the SMaRT programme he is now happier and joins me when I go out of the house. He uses the strategies he learnt to help remember things and find his way."
- Caregiver of Mr S

"I enjoyed making new friends and meeting people who understood what I am going through. After the programme I have started to exercise and walk more."
- Mr K

For more information:

NNI SMaRT team: 96608587 | 97208713