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Carotid Ultrasound

​Carotid ultrasound is a test to measure blood flow in the major blood vessels (carotid arteries) located on both sides of the neck. The arteries carry blood from the heart to the brain. This test is most frequently done to see if the artery has narrowed, a condition that increases the risk of stroke.


How should I prepare for the test?

  • Avoid wearing shirts with tight collars.
  • Do not wear a necklace.

How is the test performed?

The test is done by a sonographer and will take around 30 minutes.

  • This test is done while you are lying down.
  • Gel is applied onto a side of your neck.
  • An ultrasound probe is placed at different points of your neck to capture images along the blood vessel.
  • Avoid moving and talking throughout the test so that clear images can be taken.
  • The same process is repeated on the other side of the neck.
  • Once the test is done, the gel is cleaned off.
  • A detailed report will be sent to your doctor within two weeks. Your doctor will discuss the findings with you at your next appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the test safe?

The test uses ultrasound and is not known to cause any pain, side-effects or complications. The sonographer will be with you throughout the process. If you feel unwell, tell the sonographer.

Can I undergo the test if I am feeling unwell?

No. If you are feeling unwell e.g. fever, cough, do not proceed with the test. Call to reschedule your appointment.

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