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Dementia Support Group Meetings

The Dementia Support Group is organised by the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) CARe team. It is intended for care partners who are taking care of people with dementia. The dementia-related topics will be conducted in English.

The support group aims to equip care partners with information to understand more about dementia. Through this, care partners will be able to provide better support to the people with the condition. In these sessions, participants will be able to share their experiences and tips with fellow care partners.

The sessions will be conducted on Saturdays from 10.00am – 11.30am as following schedule.

​19-Jan​New Year Celebration

Patients and Caregivers

​NNI Clinic Level 1
​23-Feb​Disease - All You Need to Know​Caregivers​NNI Clinic Level 1
​MarNIL​ ​ ​
​06-Apr​To Tell Or Not To Tell
Children of Patients With YOD
​YOD Caregivers​NNI Clinic Level 1
​11-May​Relationship & Intimacy​YOD Caregivers​NNI Clinic Level 1
​Jun​ ​NIL​
​06-Jul​Love Language-Communication​Caregivers​NNI Clinic Level 1
​03-Aug​DeStress in Caregiving​Caregivers​TTSH Care Connect
Level 1
​Sep​ ​​ ​NIL​ ​
​05-Oct​Keeping Occupied
Engaging & Supporting For Work
​YOD Caregivers​TTSH Care Connect
Level 1
​09-Nov​Caregiver Appreciation DayPatients and Caregivers​NNI Clinic Level 1

Please email  to register.

This is a closed group session exclusively for family and caregivers of CARe patients of the memory Clinic. Programme is subject to changes without prior notice.