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Parkinson's Care

No two persons with Parkinson will have the same set of symptoms.


Download Health Buddy and access the Parkinson’s Care function to monitor your symptoms and develop a personalised treatment plan!


Features of Parkinson’s Care include:

  • Symptom trackers to help patients and caregivers monitor common complications of Parkinson’s Disease, such as:
    • When the effects of medicine wear off
    • Falls
    • Low blood pressure
    • Start of random, uncontrollable and excessive head, arm or leg movements (dyskinesia)
    • Sustained muscle cramps

Your healthcare team can use this information to adjust treatment plans as your condition progresses.

  • My goals to help patients and/or caregivers set personalised target to help you take control of your diagnosis
  • Exercise diary containing short exercise videos and guides for People with Parkinson, with scheduling and reminder options
  • Medicine reminder to remind you to take your medications on time
  • Parkinson’s resources for access to other educational materials and support from the community

Where do I begin?

Download Health Buddy on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Refer to the Parkinson's Care User Guide for instructions on how to use the app!