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Memory Care

When is forgetfulness normal and when is it an early warning sign of dementia?


Download Health Buddy and access the Memory Care function to monitor your memory health, identify early signs of mild cognitive impairment (pre-dementia), and take active steps to manage it.


If you are a caregiver of someone suffering from dementia, there are useful tips for you on how to better care for your dependants.

Features of Memory Care include:

  • Checklist for users to detect early warning signs of cognitive decline
  • Advice on memory health, and recommended actions to take
  • Dementia-related articles selected by clinicians

For Caregivers

  • Wellbeing checklist to detect burnout
  • Tips on how to manage stress and provide better care for dependants
  • Support group forums to share experiences and learn from others


Where do I begin?

Download Health Buddy on the Apple App Store or Google Play!