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Meet Staff Donors

Normala Binte Mohamed Ghaus
Senior Patient Service Associate
Neuroscience Clinic

“I have been working in the healthcare industry since 1988 but had never seen patients with
chronic conditions like stroke, Parkinson disease, dementia and epilepsy until I joined NNI in
2017. These patients live with their condition for the rest of their lives. It made me very sad to see some of them not being able to earn a living because of their condition.

About 2 years ago, I started giving to NNI’s needy patients because I sympathised with their situation and wanted to lend a helping hand. Reflecting on this now makes me want to increase my monthly donation! It makes me feel happy and blessed knowing that I can brighten someone’s life through my giving.”

Dr Shahul Hameed
Senior Consultant
Department of Neurology

“Last year, I started giving to needy patients as I find fulfilment in helping to ease the suffering of others. There’s a poem that says little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Similarly, my monthly contribution may be small but in the long run, it would add up to a good amount for a good cause.

I believe that God has given us what we have so we can share them with others – no one has become poor from donating. I feel happy being able to support NNI in creating a better tomorrow for patients and look forward to increasing my donation in the coming years.”