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Meet Grateful Patients

Mdm Wida

Mdm Wida, 36, is a working mother with a six-year-old daughter. A few years ago, she lost her eyesight in the same eye twice. Doctors suspected Mdm Wida’s condition was beyond a simple virus attack. Tests confirmed that she suffered from  Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological condition which results in the breakdown of the communication system between cells.

There is no cure for the condition and can only be managed with medication.

With the help of her doctor, medical social worker and the NNI Fund (Patients), Mdm Wida was able to cope with the medical expenses. This gave Mdm Wida a peace of mind, allowing her to focus on caring for her daughter.

Mr William Ngo

William was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at 17, a genetic condition which causes the skeletal muscles to waste away. William cannot walk, button his shirt or lift a cup, but he could still earn a living by painting landscape watercolours with his mouth. He goes to work on his electric wheelchair every day.

When his electric wheelchair broke down, it affected his ability to work. The NNI Fund (Patients) helped him replace the wheelchair.

William says, “To those who give to the fund, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your gift is so much more than a set of wheels – it has given me the power of freedom so that I can leave home to work and continue to give back to society by sharing my journey with others.”

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