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Meet Denni

Hi, I'm Denni!

I’m a young neuron passionate about science and new discoveries to improve the lives of others. On a trip to NNI, I made friends with patients who had different conditions affecting the brain, spine, nerves and muscles. I found out more about these neurological conditions, how common they are and their impact on my friends’ lives.

The chatterbox that I am, I love sharing with my peers my knowledge of neurological conditions, particularly dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and brain tumour. One day, I hope to be a neuroscience researcher to help find a cure for all neurological conditions.

By the way, my name is taken from ‘Dendrite’ and ‘NNI’.  I have also been told that my creative and chatty personality reflects the function of a neuron, responsible for sending messages constantly to the brain.
Looking forward to getting to know you better!

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