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Neuroscience Nursing Education

NNI Neuroscience nursing shares a common aspiration and belief that staff should be developed to realise their fullest potential.

Our nurses’ development is tailored towards three different tracks, namely clinical, research and education. In the clinical track, Advanced Practice Nurses receive rigorous academic training in National University of Singapore and work closely with hospital clinical preceptors to harness clinical experience. In the research track, research nurses advance in PhD, and collaborate with clinicians closely in developing and reviewing evidence-based practices for patients with neurological disorders. In the education track, neuroscience nurses have been involved as trainers, curriculum developers, as well as program coordinators for local and overseas nursing training.

The nurses also get to grow and develop their sub-specialties through the Health Manpower Development Programme (HMDP), overseas attachments and visits.

Continuing Professional Education

At NNI, continuing Professional education (CPE) is valued and given high priority. Our nurses are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills to keep abreast with the advancement and changes in Neuroscience nursing.

A series of well-coordinated training activities have been established for NNI nurses to achieve high clinical competencies and acquire additional skills to support and gear towards NNI’s vision and mission. Professional education is implemented on various platforms, for example, neuroscience nursing in-service, ward rounds, case presentations, on-the-job (OJT) training, talks, seminars, conferences, and clinical attachments.

Health Manpower Development Programme (HMDP) visiting experts had also been sought and invited to deliver talks to our local neuroscience nurses in jointly organised neuroscience nursing seminars.

Training Programme

The Neuroscience training programme for nurses is designed to develop nurses to be proficient in caring and managing patients with neurological disorders. It aims to equip individuals with a sound knowledge and specialised skills of neuroscience nursing in order to provide high quality care to patients.

This training programme will benefit those working in the field of neurology and neurosurgery as well as those who are interested in becoming specialised neuroscience nurses. It not only caters to local nurses, but to overseas nurses as well. Customised training programmes may be developed upon request.