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Staying Safe & Vigilant

The NNI Infection Control Committee (ICC) introduced the S3 Surveillance System during Hand Hygiene Day on 3rd May this year.

S3 is a national IT system that monitors and stores healthcare staff records in the areas of infection control training, sickness and immunisation. As an integrated tracking platform, this is a vital channel for protecting staff from infectious disease during an outbreak.

Accessing the system

  1. Log into S3 via Infopedia IT applications using your ADID and password
  2. Check/update details on the system

Key information to update

The following information should be updated regularly:

  • Staff profile
  • Immunisation records
  • Infection control & prevention training (IPCT) attended
  • Personal protective equipment (IPPE) fitting

During a hospital/national outbreak, staff are required to update te system when they fall on sick, record daily temperature and declare their travel plans.

As healthcare professionals, everyone has a role to play and must take all possible precautions for the prevention and control of pandemics. Log onto S3 to enhance patient safety today.

Learn more about the S3 Surveillance System here