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Drug Class: Commonly Known As: Category:
Iron chelators Ferriprox Adult, Children

Deferiprone - What is it for

Deferiprone is indicated for the treatment of chronic iron overload due to frequent blood transfusions or non-transfusion dependent thalassemia syndromes.

Deferiprone - Side Effects, Precautions, and Contraindications

What side effects can Deferiprone cause?

  1. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain
  2. Fatigue or muscle weakness
  3. Low white cell counts / Infections
  4. Liver problems 
  5. Red discoloration of urine

Inform your doctor if any of the following occurs:

  1. Sign of an allergic reaction e.g. rash, itching, swollen, trouble breathing.
  2. Purple spots or redness of the skin.
  3. Signs of infections e.g. like fever, chills, flu-like signs, very bad sore throat, ear or sinus pain, cough, more sputum or change in color of sputum, pain with passing urine, mouth sores, or a wound that will not heal.

Before taking Deferiprone , what precautions must I follow?

Talk to your doctor before taking Deferiprone:

  1. If you have any problems with your liver or kidneys
  2. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  3. If you are breast-feeding. Do not breast-feed while you take this drug and for 1 week after your last dose

What food or medicine must I avoid when I take Deferiprone ?

Tell your doctor or pharmacist the medicines you are taking including antacids (medicine used to treat heartburn), certain painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicines.

Deferiprone - Dosage and How to Use

How should Deferiprone be used?

Deferiprone should be taken orally as prescribed by your doctor. Take with or without food. However, if you experience stomach upset, you can take with food.

Allow at least a 4-hour interval with medications or supplements containing iron, aluminium, and zinc.

What should I do if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose, take the missed dose as soon as you remember it. If it is close to the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose and take the next dose at your usual time. Do not take two doses at once or take extra doses.

What should I do if I overdose?

If you overdose on this medicine, inform your doctor immediately.

Deferiprone - Handling

How should I handle Deferiprone safely?

​No extra handling precautions.

Deferiprone - Storage

How should I store Deferiprone ?

;#Keep away from children;#Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight;#Store at room temperature;#

How should I dispose of Deferiprone safely?

Throw away unused or expired drugs. Do not flush down a toilet or pour down a drain unless you are told to do so. Check with your pharmacist if you have questions about the best way to throw out drugs.

Deferiprone - Additional Information

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